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Deutsche telekom hosted the capital markets day 2018 on. Preventing network fraud is a major challenge for telcos including deutsche telekom. Deutsche telekom is a telecommunications company that offers a range of fixednetwork services, such as voice and data communication services based on fixednetwork and broadband technology. Deutsche telekom ag does not currently have any hardcopy reports on. Telecom, technology, and aviation industry leaders join. In december 2014, it was announced that deutsche telekom were in talks with bt group on the acquisition of ee, and part of the deal was to provide deutsche telekom a 12% stake and a seat on the board in the bt group upon completion. Deutsche telekom the 2019 financial year 290 pages 3 mb pdf. The four goals of the technology radar approach are shown in table 1.

Pdf strategic foresight sf systems enable companies to identify and react to opportunities. This paper reports on a case study on sf practices of deutsche telekom ag dtag. Pdf technology scouting a case study on the deutsche. Digital services for business and institutions tsystems. Telekom has provided extensive information to its stakeholders and the general public about its objectives, its activities and the progress made in the relevant economic. General terms and conditions for purchasing by the deutsche telekom group gtc purchasing part b. Ip address and other technical features such as the requested. As of january 1, 2017, the deutsche telekom ag group board.

Deutsche telekom group shall apply to such electronic communications methods provided by it nb ecommerce published on. New work is more than technology that makes work easier. India, tsystems information and communication technology india private limited, 100. Deutsche telekom the 2018 financial year 281 pages. Home 2018 corporate responsibility report deutsche telekom. How deutsche telekom creates an open innovation ecosystem.

Deutsche telekom offers its customers all kinds of products and services for connected life and work. Pdf strategic foresight a case study on the deutsche. Tsystems is a german global it services and consulting company headquartered in frankfurt. Deutsche telekom is considering selling its 12 percent stake in bt group, two sources familiar with the matter said, paving the way for it to leave the british telecoms market following britains. The data provided by me can be used by deutsche telekom ag for general customer consultation, requirementsorientated design of the services i use, advertising and market research. Project group is to define and advance wireless networking solutions that utilize millimeterwave spectrum 30 to 300 ghz to address the constantly growing demand for bandwidth by delivering gigabits of capacity more quickly, easily and costeffectively compared to deploying fiber. Company profile page for deutsche telekom ag including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information. Trainee focus technology and innovation mfd in bonn job. Technology scouting a case study on the deutsche telekom laboratories 8 scanning, i. Deutsche telekom ag attaches great importance to protecting your personal. Area of application 1 these general terms and conditions for purchasing, part b shall apply for contractual relationships between slovak telekom. It uses existing mobile networks and thanks to its unique features, nbiot enables numerous devices to be networked with low energy consumption. By clicking on accept you are agreeing to the processing of your data as well as its transfer to third party providers. The project group will work on improving wifi internet connectivity and pursue opportunities to deploy innovative technology and business models for wifi networks.

Ict principles compliance report deutsche telekom group. The deutsche telekom group hereinafter referred to as deutsche telekom or the group is one of the worlds leading service providers in the telecommunications and information technology sector. General information deutsche telekom ag annual report 2018. Technology scouting a case study on the deutsche telekom. Narrowband iot the wireless standard narrowband iot nbiot is optimised for applications in the internet of things. Deutsche telekom ag, he worked for an international management. Deutsche telekom ag is a german telecommunications company headquartered in bonn and.

Strategic foresight a case study on the deutsche telekom. Deutsche telekom ag is one of the worlds leading telecommunications and information technology service companies. The figures now presented demonstrate very clearly that deutsche telekom is on a profitable growth course. Pdf how deutsche telekom creates an open innovation. Based deutsche telekom group s approach, each subsidiary company specifies its measures individually. Generel information about the group can be found here.

Transferring this data for these purposes within the scope of my consent is to be done so solely within deutsche telekom ag. We wanted to ensure our medium to large transformation projects across the group were successful and to promote common standards and. Deutsche telekom wants to offer our customers the best network and the fastest connections at all times, without them having to worry about the technology. Dtegy deutsche telekom ag adr overview marketwatch. Plugandplay cyber security shield with direct connect to the cyber defense center of telekom security.

Lucas josten executive product management lead for home. Pdf strategic foresight at deutsche telekom ag researchgate. The emphasis will be on bringing solutions to the market in the shortest possible time frame, leveraging the collective leadership, expertise, and influence of project group members. Deutsche telekom ag offers telecommunications services. The goal is to provide seamless access, regardless of whether they are using smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other devices. A group of global industry leaders today announced that they are forming the haps alliance, an association of worldleading telecommunications, technology, aviation. The three most important financial performance indicators are ahead of our mediumterm guidance for 2017 through 2021. By providing internet access services deutsche telekom cannot control or assume responsibility for content available over the open internet. Deutsche telekom ag engages in the provision of telecommunication and information technology services. Deutsche telekom is the largest telecommunications operator in europe, with net revenues of 75. All companies in the deutsche telekom group shall appoint ombudspeople to this end and inform their employees accordingly. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure.

The figures now presented demonstrate very clearly that deutsche telekom is on a. The volumes of network data that must be collected and analyzed are massive, and inability to respond in nearreal time to suspicious. Angebote im ictbereich information and communication technology fur. Deutsche telekom has told supplier nokia it must improve its products and service to win business installing the german group s 5g wireless networks in europe, according to internal documents and. Innovation management in a public private partnership innovation activities are the deutsche telekom group s key to becoming the leading service provider in the european telecommunications and information technology industry. It offers its customers information and communication technology from a single source and develops and operates infrastructure and industry solutions for multinational corporations and public institutions. The data will be used for analyses, retargeting and to provide personalized content on websites by third party providers. Deutsche telekom s digital crisis handbook can help with fast damage. Furthermore, deutsche telekom provides information and communication technology. Home 2019 corporate responsibility report deutsche telekom. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure that we give you the best possible service. Pdf the technology radar an instrument of technology. On april 29, 2018, tmobile and sprint, together with their parent entities deutsche telekom ag deutsche telekom and softbank group corp. Technology exploration unit, which uses the technology.

Goals of the technology radar of deutsche telekom ag goal description. Vmware and intel are helping deutsche telekom to create a virtual radio access network vran platform, based on oran standards. Business continuity we are here for you, so you can be there for others. Changes in the composition of the group and other transactions. Deutsche telekom ag is engaged in the provision of telecommunication, information technology, multimedia, information and entertainment, security, and sales and agency services. Deutsche telekom ag deutsche telekom, a german corporation headquartered in bonn, germany, is the controlling shareholder of tmobile, with 63% of tmobiles shares. Pdf strategic foresight activities enable companies to use weak signals to identify opportunities and threats. Deutsche telekom is a leading european telecommunications provider, delivering services to more than 150 million customers globally challenge. Softbank, agreed to combine their respective businesses in an allstock transaction. Deutsche telekom ag company profile and news bloomberg. A slight negative factor resulted from the fact that.

Alexander ziemer, a dual student doing the practical part of his studies in business it at deutsche telekom, has pushed for ecosia to be made the standard search machine for the entire group. The company offers a full range of fixedline telephone services, mobile communications services, internet access, and. Virtual collaboration is becoming more professional thanks to the ucc cloud from tsystems. Technology scouting a case study on the deutsche telekom laboratories 6 in 2004, deutsche telekom introduced a methodology for technology scouting called the technology radar 37. Deutsche telekom ag stock technical analysis with dynamic chart and delayed quote xetra. The deutsche telekom group shall establish if not yet existing special ombudspersons offices at all its companies in germany and abroad which employees can contact if they feel discriminated against or harassed. The evolution of research in the field of technology intelligence. It offers its customers all kinds of products and services for connected life and work. Ict solutions for smes, multinational corporations and publicsector. The group is dedicated to providing venture and growth capital, private equity investments, and advisory services to the technology, media, and. Data privacy statement of deutsche telekom ag telekom for.

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