Nncan't open pdf uac disabled

It says that that i have to be logged in as an administrator, but before opening this window it anyway asked for admin password. On the right side, doubleclick the user account control. Windows 7 ultimate did not give me problems when i clicked on jpg files with uac disabled. Solve a problem where uac needs to be enabled for applications to work in. Sometimes you may get an error message saying this app cant be activated when uac is disabled when you open a file in windows 108. Open it and click on change user account control settings.

Click change user account control settings in the search results. Some apps have moved from desktop apps to universal apps in windows 10, such as the calculator. You cannot open any universal apps with uac disabled, because universal apps run in sandboxes that are based on uac functionality. This happens with all pdf s, no such problems with say word, excel, etc. Now it seems impossible to change uac settings of nonadmin account. Cant open any windows app with uac disabled ten forums. This app cant be activated when uac is disabled error. Enable or disable user account control uac in windows 10. While doing so does disable almost all uac features, it leaves some such as uac prompts for when an application tries to modify system settings still active, arguably for the users. In the user account control settings dialog, move the slider to the bottom never notify.

Click the start orb, then type uac in the start search box. How to this app cant be activated when uac is disabled on. This app cant open while user account control is turned off. Cant disable uac on nonadmin account solved windows 7. Solved this app cant be activated when uac is disabled minitool. In user account settings for a specific account there is no possibility to change uac behavior. Opening pdfs throws a uac prompt on windows 7 general. App name cant open while user account control is turned off.

The result of change user account control settings should appear at the top of the area. This error message appears quite serious and it pops up when you are trying to open a file or run an application with a popup indicating the. I then removed foxit and i reran adobe reader modify option through appwiz so it would confirm all its settings and reassociate itself as the default pdf reader. Control panel system and securityaction centerchange user account control settingsok. When you try to open a modern application with a local windows account on windows 10 or windows 8. Option two disable uac with a simple registry tweak it is possible to turn off uac using the registry editor. This app cant be activated when uac is disabled for the record, i do have uac disabled since windows vista ultimate, then windows 7 ultimate. Select change uac settings, then select the launch button. While moving the uac slider to the never notify position completely disabled uac on windows vista and 7, it does not do so entirely on windows 8 for, according to microsoft, the users own protection. I initially uninstalled foxit and then reinstalled, no change. Does the same error message pop up when you open windows apps. If your slider is set at the bottom level, that means that uac is disabled and that caused the errors to start appearing.

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